James Lee

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James Lee
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Commercial Broker

James Lee is an accomplished real estate professional with a 13 years of experience in most commercial real estate field including Retail, Office, Business, Land and Leasing.

James Lee was born in Busan, Korea on 14 February 1961. He graduated from Sogang University with a Bachelor of Engineering in August, 1986, and from the Sogang Business School with MBA degree in Marketing in February, 1992.

After receiving his education, James Lee worked as a marketing manager of polymer products in SK Energy company which is a renowned energy and petrochemical conglomerate in Korea. His clients included the Nippon Steel Corp and various types of manufactures using polymer in their products. His market areas were Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, India Philippines and other Asian conturies. He exported approximately $100 million when he left SK Energy in 2004.

He landed Canada as a permanent resident in Canada. And now he is a Canadian citizen. James Lee started his 2nd career as a realtor in March, 2006. In the beginning stage of his 2nd career, he mostly focused in a residential field of real estate. He has been able to sell more than 300 houses during his career. However, he gradually shifted into the commercial sector from 2007. Since then, he has had a very extensive experience of trading services in various commercial real estate area including office & retail building, land, leasing, business with property, small business etc.

He also has an experience in a commercial development such as Vedder Village Centre development project-26,000 sqft retail complex. After the development, he sold and leased the developed complex.

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