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The Macdonald Commercial Team

Macdonald Commercial is comprised of a dedicated team of sales and leasing specialists, property managers, and staff. Please use the list below to contact the professional you are looking for, or call the main switchboard during regular, working hours for assistance (604-736-5611).

Our Management

Tony Letvinchuk
Tony Letvinchuk
Managing Director
  • Office:604-736-5611
  • Cell:604-307-6349
  • Fax:604-736-7976

Our Brokers

Broker Email Phone Role
Abbey Peng [email protected] 604-714-5525 Staff
Adrian Gavra [email protected] 778-881-4745 Property Management
Alice Chih [email protected] Staff
Allen Liaw [email protected] 604-773-5263 Commercial Broker
Amy Huang - Heller [email protected] 604-714-5725 Staff
Andrew Scott [email protected] 604-655-8122 Commercial Broker
Annie Lam [email protected] 604-714-4791 Property Management
Barb Burrows [email protected] 604-714-4765 Commercial Broker
Benny Lee [email protected] Staff
Bill Rogers [email protected] 604-728-6843 Property Management
Bob Scragg [email protected] 604-714-4771 Commercial Broker
Brenda Wong [email protected] Staff
Brian Tattrie [email protected] 604-714-4783 Commercial Broker
Bruce Long CCIM, FRI [email protected] 604-312-2000 Commercial Broker
Catherine O'Brien [email protected] 604-714-4774 Staff
Cherie Mak [email protected] 604-714-4777 Commercial Broker
Cheryl Waters [email protected] 604-907-1184 Property Management
Chris Midmore [email protected] 604-714-4786 Commercial Broker
Chris Winckers [email protected] 778-828-9763 Commercial Broker
Clare Stevens [email protected] 604-714-5716 Commercial Broker
Claudine Gaggiotti [email protected] 604-714-4752 Commercial Broker
Colin Smith [email protected] 604-714-4784 Property Management
Cong Wang [email protected] Staff
Cynthia Dong [email protected] 604-714-4758 Commercial Broker
Dan Scarrow [email protected] Manager
Dan Schulz [email protected] 604-714-5528 Commercial Broker
David Keith Wong [email protected] Property Management
David Price [email protected] 604-714-4782 Commercial Broker
David Watt [email protected] 604-714-4775 Commercial Broker
David Xiao [email protected] 778-885-5359 Property Management
Davis Austerberry [email protected] 604-880-9634 Commercial Broker
Diana Ionescu [email protected] 604-714-4762 Property Management
Doina Gavra [email protected] 604-714-5717 Property Management
Dominic Aikman [email protected] 604-714-5738 Property Management
Don O'Brien [email protected] 604-714-4789 Commercial Broker
Edward Chiu [email protected] 604-714-4755 Commercial Broker
Eric K. Poon [email protected] 604-714-4768 Commercial Broker
Fay Tseng [email protected] 604-714-5730 Commercial Broker
Gary Webb [email protected] 604-714-4780 Commercial Broker
Gavin Lee [email protected] 604-714-5529 Commercial Broker
Gloria Tsau [email protected] 778-877-0818 Property Management
Hans Van de Kamp [email protected] 1-800-665-7869 Commercial Broker
Jane Yao [email protected] 604-728-0839 Property Management
Jerry Yao [email protected] Staff
John Sullivan [email protected] 604-714-4773 Commercial Broker
Jovana Ayala [email protected] Staff
Joy Miri Takefman [email protected] Property Management
Kelly Ferguson [email protected] Property Management
Kevin K. Wang [email protected] 778-688-3726 Property Management
Kevin K. Wang [email protected] 778-688-3726 Commercial Broker
Larry Partridge [email protected] 604-714-4798 Commercial Broker
Lemai Nguyen [email protected] 604-736-5611 Staff
Lindsey Gao [email protected] Staff
Lynn Hsu [email protected] Manager
Margaret Chaput [email protected] Staff
Mark Hagedorn [email protected] 604-714-5524 Commercial Broker
Mark Lui [email protected] 604-764-7400 Property Management
Matt Nugent [email protected] 604-714-4772 Commercial Broker
May Wong - Controller Property Management [email protected] Staff
Michael Riesterer [email protected] 604-315-2984 Commercial Broker
Milan Przulj [email protected] 604-714-4779 Property Management
Milos Repovic [email protected] Property Management
Monica Nicule [email protected] 604-714-4763 Property Management
Nenad Przulj [email protected] Property Management
Nick Goulet [email protected] 604-714-5526 Commercial Broker
Nick Hill [email protected] Property Management
Nick Marini [email protected] 604-714-4793 Manager
Nick Tiganis [email protected] 604-714-4792 Property Management
Peter Lee [email protected] Staff
QiYu Tracy Dai [email protected] 778-859-3589 Commercial Broker
Razi Mohamed [email protected] 604-714-5527 Commercial Broker
Rhoxann Roque [email protected] 604-812-1410 Commercial Broker
Richard Gao [email protected] Staff
Ricky Liu [email protected] 604-714-5521 Staff
Romana Vana - Office Manager [email protected] 604-714-4769 Staff
Sara Erbez [email protected] Staff
Shane Koka [email protected] Commercial Broker
Shiming Shi [email protected] Commercial Broker
Stacey Chen [email protected] Staff
Steve Kuo [email protected] 604-714-4788 Staff
Steve Schweigert [email protected] 604-714-5727 Commercial Broker
Stuart Wright [email protected] 604-714-4764 Commercial Broker
Taylor Scragg [email protected] 604-736-5611 Commercial Broker
Teagan Horowitz [email protected] Staff
Tony Chow [email protected] 604-714-4734 Staff
Tony Letvinchuk [email protected] 604-714-4787 Manager
Trifina Leang [email protected] Staff
Vanja Bartula [email protected] Staff
Vic Sandhar [email protected] 604-590-2444 Commercial Broker
Vivienne Hogan [email protected] Staff
Yashar Khalighi [email protected] 604-714-5704 Commercial Broker
Zora Chen [email protected] 604-714-4757 Property Management
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